Keith Williams


Born in the North Wales, UK, schooled and University in Liverpool. I have worked and lived in several places in Great Britain with a few years in the Middle East. Moved to Canada in 1990, settling in Burlington, Ontario.

My interest in photography started back in the days when film was the only choice. Foolishly, sold my awesome SLR a long time ago, thinking that 'compact' was the way to go when digital hit the market. Took a while to see the error of my ways, returning to DSLR a few years ago. Earlier this year i took the plunge into the mirrorless world.

I enjoy the blend of technical and artistic in photography and realize that my strength lies very much toward the former than the latter. Would love to spend more time with camera in hand and every year pledge to do so. Maybe this is the year!

Love the look and feel of this new layout in Smugmug. Hope you enjoy some of my photos, please drop me a line or leave a comment. If you're interested in printing any of my photos please let me know (HD printing on aluminum looks great!).

Thanks for visiting and reading!